Wednesday, February 7, 2007

no comprende

for all of you who have ever had to apply for unemployment in a language other than your mother tongue. Or in any other language that you cant speak.
Right - so I do speak a couple of languages quite well (ok - not trying to brag here but it happens if your parents are from Europe - where anyone speaking less than 3 languages fluently is considered a dope - and your father is a linguistic genius) So - chip on the shoulder here. Ok - yeah, but I dont speak dutch. Am having been living in Amsterdam for 3 years. Never have never will. Only 16 mil people do - so figured not worth it. I get by, with english and knowing german (dutch is a bit of a mixture of the two above combined with some harsh sounding grunts and such) Whatever. So since I resigned on Monday - have to apply for unemployement. And they are so progressive here, that you do it online. With these amazing pc's - which are about as fast as my great - grandmother trying to explain what a blog is - she's dead by the way - in dutch. Great. Luckily, there is a guy sitting next to me, kinda skinny, missing teeth and sunken cheeks, but really really nice. He helped me. Although he was valiantly trying to do his application as well, his computer always seemed to crash. So, while he was waiting for it to re-boot, he had time on his hands. I didn't. Wanted to get outta there as fast as possible. Man, its sooo depressing at these places. Gsus - plus I felt a bit outta place there with my blackberry and 60GB ipod. Felt kinda bad actually. If I won in the lottery, I would buy these poor slobs all ipods. I would. And employ them. Especially the heroin addict helping me.

Anyways - so yeah, get through all of this and go back to the counter and ask if I am finished. The bad news: no, there are still like 15 bloody pages to fill out. The good news - I can do it online at home! Yes. So I was outta there and off to my hairdressers appointment.

The moral of this story? Don't schedule a hairdressers appointment on the same day as you go to the unemployment office.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

desperate housewives

ok - this has nothing to do with desperate housewives - mainly because I don't consider myself as such. But its just on now - and I have seen this episode like 5 times already. (you know - for all you followers - moderate or otherwise) when Gaby kisses whats-her-faces husband and she gets all upset.....Lynette or however you spell it)

Anyways - I have the most amazing friends who have rallied around me. These are people who work (where I previously worked..until yesterday..when basically I was asked to resign...haha) at this quite amazing place. And its amazing because of the people there - well, some of them.

I just have to say it - there are some fucking amazing people out there. Alvaro, Patricia, Lorenza, Paulo,..... I am truly grateful.

gotta go. Who am I kidding? no body is going to read my shit. But hey, who cares?

oh man, what a day

Today is Falco's death day. Hmmm, how fitting. Not that I died. But today does mark the first day of joblessness. Yes, I lost my job. Well, resignation by mutual consent. I had wanted to leave but kinda in a different way. Oh well. Its just been a really really shitty past....what...12 months? Yeah, about that. Actually, started earlier. When I bought this damn house. I just went in a bit over my head. Shouldn't have done that and now I just have debts. (ok, I also have a penchant for nice bags - heard about that? The It-Bags? Well, I sure have and started collecting some) Nothing but debts. Its horrible. Wish I could write something funny but I don't feel like it. Don't feel like doing anything but burying my head under the covers and just waking up till I win in the lottery. How bloody awesome would that be? Maybe I should actually play - then at least I'd have a chance. And while waiting for that elusive event, actually get my shit together? Like trying to find a job? After this job that I've been doing for - what 10 years - high stress, handling pretty big money, maybe I should just work at the local bakery or something. I have kind of lost my confidence. So thats the task - re-gaining confidence.

under the covers