Tuesday, February 6, 2007

oh man, what a day

Today is Falco's death day. Hmmm, how fitting. Not that I died. But today does mark the first day of joblessness. Yes, I lost my job. Well, resignation by mutual consent. I had wanted to leave but kinda in a different way. Oh well. Its just been a really really shitty past....what...12 months? Yeah, about that. Actually, started earlier. When I bought this damn house. I just went in a bit over my head. Shouldn't have done that and now I just have debts. (ok, I also have a penchant for nice bags - heard about that? The It-Bags? Well, I sure have and started collecting some) Nothing but debts. Its horrible. Wish I could write something funny but I don't feel like it. Don't feel like doing anything but burying my head under the covers and just waking up till I win in the lottery. How bloody awesome would that be? Maybe I should actually play - then at least I'd have a chance. And while waiting for that elusive event, actually get my shit together? Like trying to find a job? After this job that I've been doing for - what 10 years - high stress, handling pretty big money, maybe I should just work at the local bakery or something. I have kind of lost my confidence. So thats the task - re-gaining confidence.

under the covers

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