Tuesday, February 6, 2007

desperate housewives

ok - this has nothing to do with desperate housewives - mainly because I don't consider myself as such. But its just on now - and I have seen this episode like 5 times already. (you know - for all you followers - moderate or otherwise) when Gaby kisses whats-her-faces husband and she gets all upset.....Lynette or however you spell it)

Anyways - I have the most amazing friends who have rallied around me. These are people who work (where I previously worked..until yesterday..when basically I was asked to resign...haha) at this quite amazing place. And its amazing because of the people there - well, some of them.

I just have to say it - there are some fucking amazing people out there. Alvaro, Patricia, Lorenza, Paulo,..... I am truly grateful.

gotta go. Who am I kidding? no body is going to read my shit. But hey, who cares?

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